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The leading Community Engagement app

Connecting brains and hearts across groups

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A living visual ecosystem: You've never explored your organization or network like this before. And sorry we ask - but have you ever truly explored your organization or network?

We mean: stepped out of your regular group and gathered an overview of everything your community has to offer?

Not that you haven't tried, but how would anyone do it? Well... now it's not only possible, but it's a delight to navigate visually and effectively among people, interests, ideas, learning material, events, etc.


Utilize the full knowledge-potential and innovative force of your organization or network by building bridges across silos. 

Social cohesion

Be part of something bigger. Turn every associate into a driver for the organization or network - not just for their group.

Create spaces for tackling cross-functional challenges such as innovation, sustainability, productivity, customer delight, and learning. Short-circuit hierarchies and other inefficient boundaries in a fast-moving world.

Have a shared online home where you can be unified despite flexible work hours or a stubborn global pandemic. Make onboarding an exciting experience with a visual overview of people, interests and resources.

Have an overview of your network's knowledge and interests in one place. Find the type of content you seek, whether it be: tools, ideas, challenges, learnings, events etc. 

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Equip everyone with a visual overview of people and groups. Make it easy to find people outside your own sphere and for new professional friendships to materialize.

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Increase employee/member satisfaction and retention by encouraging people to pursue their interests beyond their current role and by strengthening a sense of shared purpose.

Enable more ideas and initiatives to surface (in a structured way) from anywhere in the community. And get a measurement of how many that support them.

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Cross-connecting all 4 layers of communication

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Social cohesion

And of course...

Confidential & secure data

  • Complete confidentiality regarding your network

  • Strong and continually updated security

  • No data sold to 3rd parties


  • No ads

  • No endless random feed

  • Flag unwanted content

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White-labeled closed network

Have your own logo, brand colors & text on the platform. It is your digital ecosystem - only visible to those you've invited.

Is it just another team chat or social media application?

You'll recognize familiar elements, but no. We're leading a new category of large, closed networks.
Is a helicopter just another car?

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