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Unifies your organisation as one resourceful community of interest

There's an immense untapped force in your organisation. Departments and other structures are powerful, but the crossforces between structures are lost. Crossforce sets the energy between structures free, by enabling people to find each other and create progress in those increasingly important areas that span across silos.
We're the platform dedicated to cross-communication in large networksCrossforce is the leading platform to connect and stimulate knowledge-sharing, ideas & social energy across organizational silos, businesses and industries.
It's becoming clear that new ways of working demand more flexible, digital & interest-driven infrastructure. Old hierarchies break down in a world that's constantly changing, and which has greater emphasis on employees' sense of purpose.
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Connect people across silos and departments
Inspire them to share, to dream, and to create
Grow faster and achieve more
- Foster diversity
- Build community
- Ignite ideas, questions & knowledge-sharing
- Unleash innovation
- Raise efficiency
- Increase satisfaction

The Crossforce equation - simple to grasp, but hard to master. A catalyzer certainly helps! So we built one. Meet the Crossforce platform 👋 The first one of its kind.

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Multi-device platform for organisations, schools, & networks. Our platform serves as the backbone of your organisation's internal (and maybe external) cross-communication. It can work in unison with dedicated team communication apps and intranet - or replace them - depending on your needs.
Engaging user experience with visual networking. When you picture your group of friends or professional teams, do you think of a list of names and titles? Neither do we.  Crossforce sports visual and fun network navigation and simple to use messaging and media functionality.
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Interest-driven connections & collaboration spaces. What department or business you're a part of is not much of a concern on the Crossforce platform. What is highlighted, are the interests you have in common with others across the network, and how your unique background and perspective can add value - despite rank or other silly mandates.
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Bring out your armchair - this is where it gets philosophical.
Networking should feel natural. Ever wondered why networking online is quite different from networking in the real world? Should it be? At Crossforce, we strive to facilitate peer discovery and human communication in way that's aligned with how your brain works - not how evil internet nerds think it should work.
Organisational communication needs democratization. Does it matter that Sara's just an intern, if she thought of a solution to a problem discussed by "higher ups"? Inputs vary in quality, but the true gold is for sure lost when communication is not allowed to flow freely. Hierarchies shouldn't disappear, but they must be less rigid in today's VUCA world with new ways of working.
Information must be relevant, commercial-free & secure. Attention and data are the new currencies - we recommend that you generally don't use them to pay for your apps and services. Their value is greater than our generous pricing. Information presented by Crossforce is driven by your indicated interests, and it's always kept commercial-free and secure from nosey third parties.
Enough talk. More action. What really matters is not the information itself, but what it's used for. The Crossforce platform places emphasis on real initiatives and the support they can garner, so that discussion becomes concrete ideas, and ideas become reality.

Enough said. Let's get started.
Why serial entrepreneur, famed CEO and board member 
Lars Kolind 
believes Crossforce is the future of organizational communication.
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Our story

As a spinout of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Crossforce was founded on the networking needs of Executives and their need for purposeful knowledge-sharing. We were tired of list-based discussion forums, chaotic social media and weird "dating apps" for conferences, and saw that these models don't work for larger closed networks. Starting 2021, we're proud to introduce a very different social platform for those who know that traditional social platforms were never what nature intended.

How we do it

We just do it.

Pretty cool, huh?

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