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Crossforce is now Combinus

Unleash your organization's crossforce with a more ambitious collaboration platform


(Inspired by astronauts' reportings on the seeing the Earth from space for the first time - a.k.a. "The Overview Effect")

The next generation visual platform for cross-collaboration:

  • Gain a visual overview of people, subjects, ideas, challenges, events etc.

  • Kickstart knowledge-sharing across the whole organization or network

  • Nourish social cohesion as one community with a shared purpose

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Unleash the untapped crossforce of your network

1. Unite all 4 communication layers in one flexible ecosystem


Shared interests

Official intranet

1:1 Chat

Collaborate across the whole network about shared challenges & interests

Chat directly with people of interest

Access official announcements, tools, onboarding/learning material etc.

Communicate with team members within your own space

2. Inspire people to share, to explore and to co-create across organizational or industry silos









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3. Grow faster and achieve more as one united, resourceful organization or network


Spark innovation by enabling new cross-connections and capturing ideas

Raise efficiency by making it easier to find the right person or resource

Increase satisfaction by strengthening social cohesion and tapping into people's interests

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Lars Kolind

Famed CEO, board member, and serial entrepreneur

I believe every organisation has an incredible untapped potential by starting to build bridges between silos. Crossforce generates the energy and commitment we need to challenge cross-department issues, such as innovation, customer delight, sustainability, productivity, growth and learning.

Decades ago, I created a unique knowledge-based organisation, The Spaghetti Organisation, at Oticon. This was before the internet took off. Since then, I have been looking for a way to do the same thing online, and I believe Crossforce is the answer.

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